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Ofc. Jeremy Henwood

San Diego Police Dept.

Officer Jeremy Henwood was randomly assassinated while stopped at a traffic light in an unprovoked attack. Just moments before he was murdered, Henwood performed one last act of kindness - he bought a child food while buying his own dinner.

Det. Amanda Haworth

Miami-Dade Police Dept.

Detective Amanda Haworth was shot and killed when serving a felony warrant on a man who was wanted for murder. She was a veteran officer who had always dreamed of joining the force. The only thing Haworth loved more than her job were her sons.

Det. Roger Castillo

Miami-Dade Police Dept.

Detective Roger Castillo was shot and killed in the same incident as Amanda Haworth while serving an arrest warrant on a career criminal wanted for murder. Family members said Castillo loved his family and his job more than anything. In fact, he met his wife on the job.

Dep. Suzanne Hopper

Clark County Sheriff's Office

Deputy Sheriff Suzanne Hopper was shot and killed in an ambush while responding to a call that a window was being shot out at a trailer park. A standoff ensued in which dozens of shots were fired. Deputy Hopper is survived by her husband and two children.

Insp. Anton Sampson

Dept. of Homeland Security

Homeland Security Officer Anton Sampson, while off duty, saved the life of a 9 year old girl from two armed assailants who committed a home invasion. Officer Sampson reflects on the ordeal remembering that he had ‘never seen terror like that in a little girl’s eyes.

Ofc. Mike Neal

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

Wildlife Officer Michael Neal had nearly 18 rounds from an AK 47 fired in his direction by two suspects after he drove his truck into their vehicle to help save the lives of two pinned-down officers. Neal proceeded to fire 30 rounds from his .233 rifle into the van of the gunmen, killing one of the suspects. Seconds later, assisting officers from multiple agencies would take down the second suspect.

Ofc. Ryan Williams

Fond du Lac Police Dept.

Officer Ryan Williams was shot twice in the chest and once in the shoulder while responding to a sexual assault complaint. Fellow officer Craig Birkholz was killed in the same incident. If Williams had not been wearing a vest, he likely would have died as well. Williams’ dog, K-9 Officer Grendel, was also shot and required surgery. During the incident the shooter took his own life.